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I have some learning curve with the keyless system. And, yeah, I've read through the manual. For the most part, I've figured things out well enough after a month of use.

But here's a scenario I don't quite know how to handle yet:

- Pull up to the gas station
- One of my kids wants to keep hearing music via my phone and the car
- Stop the engine
- Get out of the car to pump gas

And I don't know how to get the Veloster keyless system to behave without nagging me. I'd rather not leave the key in the car, which is apparently what the system wants me to do.

If this were any of my previous cars, I'd turn off the engine, keep the accessories on, leave the keys in the starter, have the doors unlocked, keep the music going and the kids happy, and pump the gas.

Just an annoyance, but how do I make this work now with the Veloster N?

- Joe
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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