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I did some searching but couldn't find it. I joined this forum 2 days ago or something so PLEASE point me to the right thread if this is covered already..

Here's my situation:

I live in Virginia, and our laws on window tint are pretty darn restrictive. I'm about to get the Max legal limit of tint done on Monday, but its still not very much.

I want tint for 90% Function and 10% looks, Other people's headlights behind me drive me flippin crazy. They're literally vision is great except when blinded by light. I also have the pastiest white skin you can think of 'I'm so white I'm translucent'.. I DO literally get a sunburn on by arm from having it on the door sill on long drives. None of this is really serious enough to go to a doctor for a tint note though. And having that would just get me pulled over and I'd have to explain anyhow.

So.. Drivers and Passenger doors: 50% light transmittance required.. Rear window 35%.. Not enough to help with the Giant SUVS (which i drove until I got this car Monday so I cannot hate them too much.)

1: Tint legal for every window but go slightly HIGHER than legal for the tiny rear window ... they would have to get in the car and bend around like gumby to test? This is the MOST illegal i'd be willing to entertain. I'm 47 and its just better to not have to deal with cops at all. If you don't interact with them they can't waste an hour of my life and theirs. And there's nothing Illegal in my car. I stopped smoking weed when I got a fulltime job and will start doing it again when I RETIRE. ;)

2. Tint Exactly legal and Tint the Interior center AND Side MIRRORS TOO? I have never tried this, but that should work to help with the safety issue of bright lights behind me at night? (I know you can get a Hyundai mirror 'aftermarket' and install it but I promised my wife and my warranty I would not mod this car. Its why I picked THIS car, with all its features. Tinting was in the deal though.

3. Tint legal max only, and just be blinded by trucks, suv's, and kids with small blue solar flares on their car?

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