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Which one of you knuckleheads owned this car before me?

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Hi All,

The title is a joke, I doubt any members previously owned this red 2020 Veloster N PP w/ manual transmission.

Storytime: I previously operated with joy a 2019 Performance Blue non-PP manual Veloster N that lost a battle to a Honda Odyssey. I was travelling down a main road as the van came into view from the left side making a turn as they would be moving in the same direction I was going. In anticipation of the van completing the turn and possibly rear-ending it, I was ready to veer to the right...however, the van operator must've saw me coming too late and tried to go through the intersection straight through and had to sort of go from turning left to quickly going back right to make the intersection. Our two evasive maneuvers ended up on a collision course where my Veloster N met the van passenger side wheel at close to 50-55 mph. That was a very sad day and shed a few tears over seeing her front end all mangled, but I walked away with no major injury, just a cut on the forehead and bruising from the seat belt. That was 4 months ago now.

I had been in the market searching the used car sites every day for 3 months straight before pulling the trigger. Fast forward to today, 3 weeks ago, I bought a used Racing Red 2020 PP manual trans after test driving a Civic Si Sedan and a MX-5 RF. Turns out the deal I got was a little too good to be true because I have discovered a huge list of items that, I believe, suggest the vehicle was in some type of front-end collision or driver lost control into a ditch. I failed to do a bit more due diligence before buying it, but still hoping to get the dealer to work with me here.

Here's the list of things I have found so far...the list was only the first 7 last week, but I got under the car yesterday and discovered a lot more took photos of everything, scanned OBD2 and changed the oil:
1-The horn does not work
2-The security does not chime/beep when locking
3-The passenger high beam does not work and triggers a warning light on the dash
4-At times, the 3rd door window does not work
5-The passenger side skirt where the N logo is is not firmly attached to the body
6-The engine air filter box does not have OEM factory hardware holding it to the frame
7-Battery acid had been leaking onto the tray and spilling underneath onto the transmission
8-The paint on the front bumper has been repainted and/or repaired
9-The parts of the frame closest to the ground are all scraped. Paint is gone allowing rust to start setting in on the braces and control arms.
10-The transmission has physical damage in the form of scrapes and corrosion from the battery acid issue.
11-The evaporative canister (I think) in front of the transmission is damaged. The plastic is cracked and the electrical connector is cracked and damaged.
12-There are two electrical connectors in there that are loose, not connected to anything, sort of behind the driver side headlight. I don't know what they go to yet, but I'd like to think it's related to the horn or alarm not working.
13-There is a hole drilled into the plastic fender behind the passenger front wheel that appears to give direct access to the crankshaft pulley.
14-OBD2 scan found 3 airbag codes: B1116, B2500, & B1493 & 1 PCU code: P2601

I am currently in constant communications with the Hyundai dealer that sold this vehicle hoping to get some type of gesture from them. Any suggestions, recommendations, advice, opinions are all welcome and encouraged!


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First thing with any used car is to make sure that everything works. The electrical issues would have me the most concerned. The other issues are physical based on hard driving it sounds like. Was the engine serviced regularly? I keep my own records, but they are pretty detailed. When selling a car I am happy to provide them.
12 definitely sounds related to the horn. The horn is below the driver side headlight and there is a cable that connects by the headlight that leads to the horn and the temperature sensor on the crash bar if I’m not mistaken.
I sure hope that wasn't my car that got totalled in 2021
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