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I just got the Weathertech front mats in black also. For those who are on the fence since these are expensive (near $120 after shipping), I will say I'm totally satisfied. I've always had the generic $40 rubber floor mats from Costco that are trim-to-fit. I threw one of those in the VN from my old car and it was just annoying. Never actually had an issue with the mat interfering the the pedals, but the mat would slide all over the place.

1) Texture and material are awesome. Soft plastic, but more rigid than rubber. I was worried that the plastic would be slippery but it is as perfect as I could ever imagine for a floor mat. Not slippery, but also not too tacky - does not drag on your heels.
2) Perfect fit, and lined up perfectly with the factory floor mat hooks. Install was as simple as possible. I was worried that the rigid plastic would scratch some of the interior panels but there were no issues even as I clumsily just threw the mats in. It may take your mat a little while to conform perfectly to the shape of the car, so don't worry.

1) Expense. Base cost is high.
2) Shipping was $18. They will waive this if you buy certain items in your bundle. Currently it's free to ship if you add the trunk mat. My dealer already threw one in.
3) Inability to see these in person. Weathertech's website is weird and they'll point you to a bunch of local dealers who may or may not have any samples in stock for you to look at.

Total splurge, but completely met my expectations.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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