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In case anyone is interested i cant recommend the veloster car cover enough. Here in miami the trees and animals eat car paint. Not to mention the sun. Unfortunately they dont make a veloster N specific car cover just yet, so after a few emails i risked the regular veloster car cover and it did fit but just barley. Sometimes the red trim pops out the front and the diffuser sticks out as well as half the exhaust tips but the entirety of the paint itself is covered and after a few strong windy days i can say it holds onto the car extremely well. Its one of the easiest folding car covers I've ever come across if you follow their instructions and it comes with an awesome zipper bag that it fits right into. Its a hefty nearly 600 dollar investment so you really need to NEED this product to buy it. Unfortunately i dont have the garage privileges in my home and my previous car's paint was ruined so i deemed it necessary due to me getting the performance blue. Has held up nicely for over 3 months so far and keeps the car unbelievably clean during dusty days and even to my suprise, during heavy rain.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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