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Hey Everyone,

I have a 2020 N PP and I really like to drive her. I am pretty sure the cause of this problem is a pot hole I hit while driving on the highway one day. I have this vibration that comes in around 75 and is very obvious at 80. It is most obvious at a smooth cruise right at 80 with the throttle just lighting keeping tension to the wheels and I have the wheel in the very center where you don't feel any tension left or right.

so far I have:
Had my wheels checked and balanced
Had other wheels ordered and other tires mounted to those and installed

Its for sure not my wheels. My dealership seriously told me that no one is going to road test at those speeds. No joke lol.

I have done a basic visual inspection of the wheel/suspension with everything off and all looks good visually. No obvious bends or breaks.

Can anyone here lend their thoughts?
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