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So I have around 800 some miles on my car and noticed when walking into work the other morning this scratch and some chips on the back left side of the car on the bumper area.

Looks like some piece of trash hit my car/rubbed it in a parking lot somewhere. I rarely go anywhere other than work and looks like someone hit it in some parking lot I went to for a brief moment.

There is paint coming off and a scratch going all the way down to the black part of the bumper that will not come off when I try to buff it out. Maybe there is some touch up paint somewhere so the chip won't get bigger.

I love pieces of trash.

Thanks all!


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That looks like the rubber form the corner of a carriage. Maybe from a grocery store? I would try some polishing compound and a water, just don't use a ton of pressure. There is also a clear-coat solvent you can use but I cannot remember the name of it. Good luck.

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