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Q. If I drive my Veloster-N on the track will it void my warranty?
A. The Veloster-N was designed for high performance at home or on the track. The warranty covers
components originally manufactured or installed by Hyundai that are defective in material or factory
workmanship, under normal use and maintenance, regardless if your Veloster-N has been driven on the track
or autocross.

Q. If I modify my Veloster-N will it void my warranty?
A. Performance modifications that alter the engine control and change the air to fuel ratio, ignition timing or
increase maximum boost pressure risk damage to the engine, transmissions and other components. Any
damage caused by such modifications are not warrantable.

Q. Can I use aftermarket parts on my Veloster-N?
A. If the aftermarket part was itself defective or wasn't installed correctly, or modifies the performance as
noted above, and it causes damage to another part that is covered under the warranty, Hyundai has the right
to deny coverage for that part and charge you for any repairs.

Dealer Best Practice
Follow the standard diagnosis and warranty guidelines, regardless if the Veloster-N has been driven on the
track or autocross. Since the Veloster-N was designed for high performance at home or on the track, track
utilization alone does not void the warranty. However, here are some examples of modifications to help
determine warranty coverage:

Examples of modifications that can damage the engine, and which damage would not be warrantable:
· Aftermarket boost relief valve (blow-off) or any other modification to the RCV that defeats the factory
vacuum chamber and solenoid (part of the over-boost failsafe system)
· Aftermarket software programming – ECM (uncertified ROM update that alters the engine control as
described below)
· Any aftermarket modules that splice into the engine harness to change the air/fuel ratio, ignition
timing, or increases maximum boost pressure
· High performance turbocharger
· Additional power adders such as nitrous oxide system (usually removed before warranty inquiry – refer
witness marks of solenoid/bottle mount bracketry and injection holes in the intake system)

Examples of modifications that do not void the engine warranty, unless they cause damage to the vehicle:
· Cold air intake
· Custom straight exhaust pipe
· Oversized intercooler
· Crankcase ventilation oil catch can
· Oversized throttle body
· Oxygen Sensor Adaptors


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