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I finally completed a first HPDE with the Veloster and wanted to post what I've found out so far regarding tires pressure's at the track.

Track was at Grattan MI, temps were in the mid 80's and sunny.

I knew the recommended pressure was going to be to high and before I headed to the track I dropped the cold pressure down to (front/rear) 36/35 psi. After my first session learning the a new track and car the hot pressure was at 45/40 and the car was pushing around to much. After making incremental adjustments on each session the last 4th session pressure was set to a hot 36/35 with tire surface temps between 145 and 152 degree's and had the best results of the day along with the car handling much better. On another note that may be of help to get an accurate cold pressure I measured it again the next day to get a an absolute no heat reading and they were at 31/32.

This isn't an absolute and will be playing around with pressures on the next HPDE day's to come.
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