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Hi all,

So i have a 2020 Veloster N, and recently got winter tires at Tirerack, w/ the tpms sensor already installed, and delivered to my house.

At home, i also have the Autel TS508 tool, for my Subaru TPMS ID swapping.

So I had to warranty two of the TPMS sensors from tirerack, as my autel tool and the car couldn't read it. Not a huge deal, and Tirerack has been great about sending me new sensors, and in the process of getting reimbursed for the installation costs.

A few findings:
1. When there are one or more of the wheels not sending a signal, the TPMS error light will come up, and say there is a systems error for TPMS on dashboard (w/ the icon lit)
2. When all the 4 sensors are working, the error light goes away after a few minutes.
3. However, the individual PSI screen did NOT work, it did not show an error but said "drive to show" or something like that, i drove for like 40 miles hoping it will suddenly kick in.
4. I used the Autel tool to find that there were DTCs (unable to read sensor errors from the previousl TPMS lights). Once i cleared the DTCs, after another 5 minutes of driving, the per wheel PSI showed up. So likely that if there are DTC errors tied to TPMS, it will not show the error light, but not show the per wheel PSI on screen either.
5. Some interesting notes about the Autel TS508 - i cannot directly program the car's ECU like i can with the Subaru, it says i need a bigger/better/newtorked tool. However, it can READ the ECU and also clear DTCs, and i confirmed that the ECU has the TPMS IDs of the new sensors already stored in the ECU system. So there is NO NEED to ever program the ECU with the new sensor information, as long as your TPMS sesnors are working. You may need to clear your DTC TPMS errors if the per wheel PSI screen isn't working after swapping tires, max 10 minutes over 15 mph, don't be like me and drive 40 miles thinking it will kick in suddenly.

Just sharing my experience.
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