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Got a lot of parts on order atm so I thought it was about time for a build post. I've currently had the car for a year and 9k miles but the itch for modifications keeps growing so I thought I might as well start documenting the journey.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Current Modifications

  • Flow designs extinguisher mount with H3R performance extinguisher
  • Red trim wrapped sky blue, sky blue racing stripe
  • Carbon fiber-wrapped fuel door
  • Lowglow underglow
  • Weather Tech Floormats
  • LUFI x1 Revolution OBD2 Readout
  • Some amazon tow hook plate mount - Removed 1/20
  • Blacked front lip - Added 1/20
  • Mesh Grille - Added 1/20

  • ADD W1 Catch Can - Removed 1/20
  • K&N Open box intake
  • Forge FMIC - Added 1/20
  • Forge Boost Pipe - Added 1/20
  • GFB Deceptor Pro II BOV - Added 1/20

  • Enkei Raijin 19x8 +45
  • PS4 All Season Tires

The next thing ill be ordering is some colder spark plugs to get ready to go stage 2. If you want to see cool pictures of my car and follow the build even more follow me @subzer0_n on instagram.

Finally, shameless plug for my sponsor 큰 고통! – Great Pain & Dishonor ( has some of the coolest KDM and N stickers on the market and I highly suggest you check them out. They do custom work too!

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Car Tire Sky Wheel Vehicle

Quick Update on the build, recently did a few more modifications in prep for stage 2 and also to help the car come together a little bit more cosmetically.

  • Forge intercooler stenciled with the forge logo - Havnt seen a huge improvement in temps but we will see as the weather starts to get warmer
  • Forge boost pipe
  • GFB Deceptor Pro-II BOV - boy does this sound AMAZING
  • Blacked-out front lip and silver front trim
  • Custom car grilles mesh grille - This with the IC stencil makes it all come together

  • ADD W1 Catch Can - Was going to install my forge expansion tank but needed the car running so I didn't have time. Will hopefully be adding it soon.
  • Front plate mount - It looked too bad, at this point I'm willing to take that $130 ticket.
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