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Hi guys. I live in the north east where salty roads are a norm in the winter. I've never done this before but am considering it. I'm considering removing my suspension, applying anti-seize to bolt shafts and bolt threads, and reassembling. I'd remove the brake calipers, control arms, rear suspension arms, rear shocks and springs, front struts, front and rear sway bars and end links, and ball joints. I'm not sure if removing the exhaust would do anything since the heat would pretty much cook the anti-seize. After putting it all back together, I'd take it in for an alignment.
It only has 5000 miles on it right now, however, in the summer I plan on doing some autox's and track days. I typically do all of my own maintenance and repairs, but I plan on taking her in for repairs while it's covered by the warranty. I do not plan on making many modifications. At least not for a while. So I have not plans on taking it apart any time soon for anything in particular.
Do you think this is a waste of time or a pretty silly idea?
I recently replaced an axle on my 2015 forester and everything that wasn't previously disassembled by me fought me like mad. I had to have the axle pressed out of the hub with a hydraulic press because the sucker was rusted in place... took 8 tons before it moved!
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