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Stock 19's vs 18's and Scrub Radius?

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Stock: 19x8+55 and 235/35r19 tires with 0 Scrub Radius

After Market: 18x8.5 +45 and 235/40r18 : would this result in a slightly more positive scrub radius? Think the thicker tire sidewall may also come into play here.

Driving experience: On the highway, I noticed that braking from high speeds it feels more stable with the 18's (the tires were broken in properly also). With the stock 19's it felt like the car wanted to veer to a certain side a bit (both setups are running the same Continental DWS06PLus's).

Visual wise: Of course 19's pop more especially with the machine face. The 18's give a sporty rally vibe and of course the meaty tires make it more daily friendly. Washing my 18's is a bit more work because of the multi-spoke but it is very satisfying especially with the ceramic coat. The Satin Gray is absolutely beautiful with the water beading on a weekend morning wash. Immediate post wash I can't help to step back and stare after the final rinse 馃挦

Reason why I got satin gray instead of black because of the slightly better color pop, especially as you approach the car up close to examine. If Fifteen52 had a Gloss Gunmetal finish, I would have gotten that instead.

Bonus, my previous daily driver on Kansei KNP's 18x9.5 +30 Gloss Gunmetal, this was my first wheel purchase so the fitment was poking AF, had to dial my Tein coilover's to the maximum height to fit these. I still rubbed the tires very slightly.

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+45 and +50 Offset shouldn't result in any rub or scrub. But a big thing is the tires you run. I'm on 18x8.5's with +35 offset (big brake swap, so it's mandatory) 245/35's and I rub on the inner front fender liner. Had to make cuts to prevent rub, but it doesn't rub on where the lining meets the fender which is good (stock suspension). I have yet to see anyone running 18's with 235 or 245's that are rubbing when they have a more standard offset.
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Besides the highway stability, have you felt any other difrences? Like turn in and feel specifically.
Besides the highway stability, have you felt any other difrences? Like turn in and feel specifically.
More planted on turns, overall just better roadfeel. I genuinely dislike 19's, especially on a short wheelbase car.
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