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Here’s the conclusion of my VN spare tire project:

$$ Purchased 2013 Genesis alloy 4x18 wheel (came with 155/80-18 tire).
$$ Purchased new 125/70-18 compact tire (previously noted same as i30N spare). Used manual tire changer to swap the tires. Made custom tire hold down w/ 8mm x 1.25 x 60mm hex bolt to keep spare secure.
$ Purchased scissor jack from older get Elantra.
Having peace of mind (at least for me) from a real spare tire... priceless!

Fully inflated spare fits perfect in the well with room to... er... spare. Jack tucked off to the side (to keep from bouncing around). Threw the stock compressor back in along with the other std items (tow hook, screwdriver, etc). Floor replaced and sits perfectly flat to stock position.
What did you use for the circular tie down? Looks like a piece of black wood and a smaller piece of rubber?
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