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Greetings and glad to be here. Currently have had this car for a little over a week and I’m really enjoying it. I’m in the Army currently stationed in El Paso, Tx and there were only 2 Veloster N’s within a 400 mile radius. One in Arizona which was a base model(not for me since I don’t plan on modding anytime soon) and one w/PP in Lubbock, Tx which was a 5 and half hour drive for me. Sorry if you’re near that area and wanted to buy one cause I got it lol. I was a hardcore Wrx fan for years. Had a 2012 hatch completely modded and had a great time with it... I bought that car brand new waited til warranty expired and had some fun. Seriously fast car with only 55k miles on it and clean, no payments for 3 years. Now, with all the research and rave reviews with the Veloster N it was really hard giving this car a second look cause I was in love with my car. Made the drive to the Hyundai Dealership, test drove it and traded my car with little hesitation. I really do love this car the more I drive it. As far as raw power, I took a hit but, as far as daily drivability, handling, on the fly customization with the transmission and chassis just from stock, I’m not looking back. Got $16,500 for my trade in so I only owe a little over $12k. Will have this little bad boy paid off in a little over a year and couldn’t be happier with the performance and warranty. I’m really glad this forum exists cause it seems there’s not a lot of support out there yet for this hidden gem. Oh well, I kinda like it that way. If anything, most of us on here can say we got the OG N series and to me that’s pretty cool. Happy driving guys. I hope you’re enjoying yours as much as I’m enjoying mine.


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