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Hello from the Central Valley of California! I have been a lurker for a while, I bought my VN about 3 weeks ago from Tracy Hyundai. it took me 2 months to find one that I wanted [white/PP] without a dealer yanking me around. I walked on most of the dealers in northern California because they wanted 4-7k above MSRP and one wouldn't even let me test drive until they ran a credit check. the dealer I got it from called me while it was still on the truck to let me know it was mine if I wanted, "first dibs" to quote the sales manager. it wasn't even PDI'd yet while I signing paperwork. I picked her up for 32k out the door with only 3 miles on her.

I have been mostly a Toyota owner hence the username. (owned 2 mr2's an mki and a MkII, a MkII supra, an ST165 alltrac, a 1980 SR5 4x4 and a 2012 Prius). the Prius I traded it in for the VN, I bought her at 60 k and drove her to 200k and she was tired and I don't commute as much as I used to. great gas mileage but wasn't worth the sh** I put up with on the road. she handled like a wet noodle on any curvy roads and I constantly was flipping people off for cutting me off or pulling out in front of me. - yeah, it's a Prius thing.

and yeah I went from a Prius to a Veloster N. lol.

on to the VN. This car is an absolute dream to drive on any curvy roads, getting over-steer on an FWD for the first time blew my mind. the pops, crackles and throaty turbo 4 cylinder rumble while in N mode is a symphony to my ears. She turns heads and I find other performance cars parking next to me at the grocery store and gym. I find I'm getting rev'd at by almost everything from mustangs to mini-vans. this is a great little car and I hope I can be able to take her to track this summer and let her be able to do her thing. if any Veloster owners in the Nor-Cal area want to meet up, send me a message.

here are some pics I took so far, hope to have more once springs comes around.


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