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New PP owner

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Hey everyone. Been excited about these cars since they were first talked about over seas. Have always been a fan of BMW and the m series through each generation and was ecstatic when I caught wind of Hyundai throwing some of that historical dna into this. Recently picked up a blue pp. Traded in my turbo rx8 as I wanted a boosted car that was more daily friendly. I'll post pics soon and possibly make a build thread :)
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I just got a blue pp one month ago. Loving it so far. Got a few quirks but any car has that
Thanks man. I'm loving it. I went from a 2012 non turbo to a 2019 turbo ultimate. Then I found the n. Love it. but I am having the start up problem. Seems like a leaky fuel injector like I've read in these posts. This is an awesome tool for knowledge. I'm glad I found it
:) this is my first Hyundai ever and I’m loving it so far! So glad they released this car in NA :) I got that problem once or twice haven’t had it happen to me in a while, try recording it and taking it to the dealership see if they can do anything about it, I know it’s hard to know when it’s going to happen but if you can get it on video it’ll definitely help you out
Yea I'm gonna catch it on video if can. If not I'll prolly bring it up when I go for the oil change
Welcome! Enjoy your sweet ride :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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