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I'm in love with this car. I've always been a hatchback guy and my favorite car I've ever owned was a 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS. My CPA says I need a new vehicle to write off the depreciation and this car quickly moved to the top of the line. All the drives and reviews on youtube have added to the love. The biggest issue is, I live in the mountains of AZ and the closest Hyundai dealer to me is 3 1/2 hours away. I went and saw one in the showroom and sat in it and that made me fall even more in love with it, but it was the base and they had marked it up to 37k, so I didn't move on it that day. I figured I'd come join since I'm most likely buying one of these anyway, and start to meet some owners and see what, if any, issues they are having. Glad to be here!

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