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Hello all,

SO i just switched out all my interior lights to LEDs along with the license plate lights. I never noticed until now the map and dome light covers are like from a 1994 Honda Civic (probably not literally) but wow that thick translucent plastic covers over both the dome and map lights are garbage. The Vanity lights have nice clear mirrored like covers that are crisp and clean unlike the others, even the trunk light cover is gross.

Question is is there any clear plastic replacements from other model Hyundai's that will fit? or is anyone working anything else out to clear these up?

Also, the reverse lights seem fairly simple to change out to LEDs but the front and rear blinkers seem like more of a problem, the front wire harness are behind the dust cover and the rear wire harness seem to be in the tail light, what have you all done to switch these out and how and where did did you put your resistors?

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