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Hey all, started with a 2013 base, upgraded to a 2016 turbo R-spec, and picked up my 2019 N (performance) in February earlier this year. I'm sorta late to joining compared to when I purchase but it's never too late right? I knew I needed the N from the day it debuted at the January 2018 Detroit auto show (except the blue color...sorry 🏻) and started pestering local dealers starting January 1st 2019. In February I got a call that they'd recieved exactly what I wanted, chalk white with the performance package, fresh off the truck that morning. I drovw over that same day after work to pick it up and am still loving every day with it. I've entered the modding phase now and hope to get some good ideas and inspiration from you all!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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