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Launched new product in Korea (Electronic Control Suspension Module)
The product was released on August 20.
The electronic suspension vehicles of the veloster, g70, g80, g90 and kia stinger vehicles can be used.
After installing the module, you can adjust the damping with your smartphone.

mando is a company that makes hyundai kia shock absorbers.
Because it can be adjusted without changing the genuine state
It is an explosive reaction in Korea.

Check it out in Google Translate.

[??????] ??? : BRECKS : ??? ???

What is the Mando ECS Tuning Module?
The damping force that only 60% of the original suspension can use
Set in the style of owner up to 100%
Even on uneven roads
Automatically detects the damping pressure and actively
This is how it works in a controlled way
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