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So I'm replacing my floor mats with the WeatherTech AVM mats I picked up from Target.

It's been more of a hassle than I'd like, but I'm mostly done.

Look on the WeatherTech web site for how to remove the darn hangar packaging.

You can do some cutting with plain scissors and your existing factory mat as a template. I did that for the driver's side.

What I haven't done yet is install the Weather floor anchor. Has anyone done it? They make it look like you can just twist the thing to screw it into the car floor. That didn't work for me, just wore out the plastic screw. (You use a pen to poke a hole in the floor mat itself.)

Has anyone installed a new floor anchor screw? Did you have to drill? I would like to think the floor has a layer of carpet you can turn a screw through, leaving alone any metal underneath.

Any tips appreciated!

- Joe

P.S. I hate this stuff. I'm a klutz who would rather avoid all mechanical and fixit stuff anymore, especially on a Sunday.
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