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Hey everyone. I installed the rigid collars today (went smoothly) and finally decided to tally what I’ve done to my 2020 VN w/PP, aka Napoleon. Just slowly adding here and there and didn’t realize it was this much stuff. Got a ways to go yet…



Boomba LMM
TTR upper motor mount
TORK lower control arm braces
Uniq rigid collars
Pierce 2-point brace
Pierce 4-point brace
Pierce Trunk brace
Whiteline 22 mm rear sway bar
Whiteline end links (rear)
R1 Concepts front rotors and pads

Want to do:
Whiteline front sway bar and links
Pierce strut bar
*R1 Concepts rear rotors and pads



Velossa Tech snorkel
Takeda Momentum intake
Takeda turbo inlet
AV6 blow off valve
Boomba TB spacer
Boomba OCC
Borla cat-back exhaust

Want to do:
FMIC (considering Airtec, CSF, Forge)
Boost pipes (assuming they don’t come with the FMIC)
Downpipe (considering Maintec)
*Boomba intake spacer
*SXTH Rev6 piggyback
*HKS M45XL spark plugs

* Owned but not installed

So far I’ve done everything solo, but I’d need to find a shop for the downpipe and probably the front sway/links. Likely too much for me. I’d prefer an aFe or SXTH downpipe, but dang they’re expensive when available. (I have the mini cat O2 sensor CEL FIX bookmarked if needed.) For the FMIC I’d prefer a simple plug and play with no trimming required.

I’ll probably buy a downpipe or FMIC soon (I can’t afford both at the same time), but any suggestions on which to buy first? Better to have an upgraded FMIC in place before installing a downpipe? Doesn’t matter? I’m leaning towards the intercooler largely because it’s something I can do, but I don’t track the car or spend a lot of time hanging out above 4k rpm, so maybe a waste of money?!? I really don’t know.

Thanks. Be safe,

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