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Hiya! figured I'd say hello. I'm Adrian, most people call me Moose. From southern Ontario just south of Toronto. Got a "slightly" modded 2013 2.0t gencow ive had since new.

And the Veloster N is my next car, its pretty much a sure thing at this point.

Probably wont be selling my current baby for a Veloster N till early next year but If Ive learned anything being heavily invested in the gencow community for the last 6 years is that reading/research and the forums on which to do them are the most important resource the community has.
So I figured i'd get in here early and lurk and stalk and devour all the posts that i can. Learn myself some things.

Below is a pic of my current gencow wrapped in the color I will probably put on my VN, 3m Gloss Green Envy.

I look forward to everything this forum/community has to offer and talking with you fine people.



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