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Been watching the N for several months now and my local dealership finally got one in today. Naturally, I test drove it today as soon as I got off of work 🙂

Was actually in the market for an E46 or R33 but after driving the N today, I’ve made my decision to buy my 4th Hyundai. Ordered black one with Performance Package (they only had red) so just waiting for that call before I join the N ranks!

Can’t wait to see what these and are capable of!!

Ricer history: Previous daily driver was an 04 Tib GT. I installed SSA headers, SSA engine back exhaust w/ cat delete, later swapped to a Megan single exhaust, Fidanza alum flywheel, ACT unsprung clutch, Tein 2” drop, cheapo CAI (later cut down to short ram), CF hood, and various aesthetics (kdm and otherwise).l
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