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Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

I am looking for advice with both summer and winter tires, to see what my best options will be. I live in Washington State, and our climate tends to be snowy, cold, and rainy in the winter with temperatures that range from 20-50 Fahrenheit. I will be taking my car to go skiing, where there is a lot of snow and ice. In the summer our climate tends to be sunny with a few rainy days and our temperatures tends to range from 60-100 Fahrenheit. I have a set of wheels for summer, and a set for winter. (Set ups will be in the list below).

Here are my current setups:

: OEM Performance Pack Wheels (I am pretty sure they are 19x8)
Tires: Have no tires for them yet, however am looking for some that would do well for my climate and needs. Hoping someone who lives in similar conditions has advice.

: Konig Ampliforms (19x8.5)
Tires: OE Pirelli P Zeros. (2 of my tires are sitting at 3/32 in tread depth. I tend to drive hard, and I am looking to see if anyone has had any summer tires they have been happy with to get more out of my car.)
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