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Dealer confusion on oil weight?

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Recently purchase a 2020 N PP and I'm close to my first oil change.

I noticed that in a few cases the dealer changed the oil with 0W-20 as opposed to the 0W-30 recommended in the manual and the oil cap. I followed up with my dealer to confirm that they would be using 0W-30, but to my surprise they confirmed they would be using 0W-20 to complete the complimentary service.

I then followed up with Hyundai who suggested that using such a "oil was fine and that full synthetic was not needed for the N platform" and "better fuel efficiency was achieved with said 0W-20"...I'm at a bit if a loss, I don't want anything besides what is recommended in my engine.

How is this possible and has anyone else run into this?
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It’s probably fine but honestly I don’t see what’s so hard for these dealerships to understand when it’s clearly written in the owner’s manual. (0w20 is not listed)

So odd that they say synthetic is not necessary (and it’s not) but then follow that up by saying they’re going to put a Synthetic 0w20 instead of a conventional 5w30 or whatever.
Are they confusing it with a Civic Type-R? There's no way I'd use a 20 weight with a turbo engine going into summer. I'm on 5w-40 right now (in Texas) and will continue using that during the Spring to early Fall months out here and in Arizona. When it's "cold" (such as it gets here) I go to 5w-30.
As stated in the other oil threads, it's probably more of 'what oil the dealer has on hand' versus 'what the manual calls for', along with the idea that the dealership shops don't know much about the VN to begin with...
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I agree with everyone and I did read what others had experienced on the main oil discussion.

However, I find it disconcerting that even corporate is as clueless and dealers don't stock 0w-30. I simply just want what is listed on the oil cap placed in my car and nothing else. I'm starting to think that the performance aspect of Hyundai hasn't scaled with the other aspects of the company and dealer network.
You're right about the dealership network's quality lagging behind Hyundai's quality. It's a known thing. Anyway, I don't know where you are but I'm in Arizona and I'll be running 5W40 year round. In an engine like this, you're generally going to want to run heavier oil rather than lighter. Also, the owner's manual has a detailed graph showing which oils are appropriate for which temperature ranges. 5w40 pretty much covers them all unless you live in Quebec and park your car outside overnight in the winter.
Modern synthetic 0w20 isnt going to hurt anything if you are taking it to work or blasting the twisties. I wouldnt fun a 20wt longer than 3k miles without a uoa. I fun 5w30 year round. The manual has a lot of room for preference and there is no hyundai oil spec.
I just joined this forum as I picked-up my new N PP last night. I have a Genesis Coupe with the 2.0T. I understand this is essentially BK1 versus BK2. I run 0w-40 Castrol full synthetic in my BK1 year around. I have over 131k miles on that engine with the original turbo. It still runs smooth and strong. I change the oil and filter every 4k miles. Actually, I found the 0w-40 oil worked the best for this engine. When I saw 0w-30 in the manual last night I cringed a bit since I am loathe to violate the manufacturers recommendations. How much different can this engine be than the one in my coupe?
The manual allows for anything that is current Ilsac/API. I won't run 0w30 but I'm fond of 5w30. I'll swap to a 10w30 for the track if Temps are over 240, but I don't see that happening.
The manual allows for anything that is current Ilsac/API. I won't run 0w30 but I'm fond of 5w30. I'll swap to a 10w30 for the track if Temps are over 240, but I don't see that happening.
Temps definitely get over 240 on track, but that's not necessarily a bad thing on a modern synthetic oil. I run 5w30 on track and have no issue.
I would point out that the lower number is essentially the cold flow and the upper the hot viscosity. I always use a 0w-XX in all of my cars. My wife's car gets 0w-20 and my daughter's Honda get 0w-30. Our Honda has around 173k miles on it.
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That is true and good to consider in cooler climates but you still may be better off with a 5w30 or even 10w30 depending where you are located, due to the reduced number of viscosity improvers used. This motor likes to thin out oil a little bit (not due to fuel dilution) and vi’s are the first thing to go.

if you start with a “thick” 0w30 or keep the oil change interval short you should be fine. I’m running a 5w30 that basically becomes a 5w20 in the first 50 miles so this is something that’s been on my recent radar.
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