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Hey everyone! I just picked up my 2020 Performance Blue N with the Performance Package on August 21st. I've been lurking for that specific color and package to show up around me all summer and all the dealers were either getting other colors or not with the performance package. My salesman called me at work to tell me one was being unloaded as we speak, I put a deposit down on it at after work before they even had it inventoried. Two days later I drove it home.

I traded in a black 2015 Veloster Turbo with 34,000. They gave me $11,000 for it plus $1,000 off the N for customer loyalty. It was bitter sweet, the 2015 VT was a great car, never let me down ever. In the 5 years I had it, had one check engine light come on for an O2 sensor. She will be missed, but I'm loving the N so far. Still getting used to all of it's tendencies and familiarizing me with how she feels.

I also have a 2005 Evolution VIII MR that I've had all it's life....doubles as my drive once a week car and when it snows of course.

-Andrew from Ann Arbor, MI
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