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As the title suggests, I get some noise coming from the rear of the car when first moving the car after letting it sit for several hours. A few clunking noise but mostly disappears after moving the car for several minutes. Usually more prominent when reverse, but not by much.

Aftermarket stuff that's even remotely related to the rear area of the car are:

-whiteline rear sway bar and end links
-trunk brace
-afe catback system

Seems like it's coming from the rear left (driver) side. I did recent installed the whiteline lower control arm bushings, set to anti dive. I also rotated the stock 19 wheels. I'm leaving towards the sway bar though, I had to make some adjusted and that's when I started to notice the clunking noise. I do plan on getting some sound monitoring system to pinpoint the noise. Weird that it's only intermittent and stops when the car gets moving after a few minutes.
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