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First time Hyundai owner from NH. While I’ve been hopeful for a full “i30 N” since they came out overseas for the 4 door practicality, I figured I could be hoping for a while. Was never interested in the Veloster, but then I made the mistake of test driving the N. Oops. I sampled both PP and non PP models, and on the street, both were plenty quick and capable to me. The ability of the PP to quiet the exhaust won me over (so as not to wake the neighbors... too much). That and I’ve always liked having a limited slip in absence of AWD.

I had the opportunity to drive much of the competition several times (WRX (suffers from massive heat soak in 90+ deg temps - at least on my test it was far from impressive), GTI (quite fun if a little...common), Golf R (very fun and capable), Mini Cooper S in both 2 and 4 door (not quite enough oomph after driving the Golf R and N). In the end, nothing made me smile as much as the N in all its performance blue glory.

Currently at 400 miles still breaking it in. Looking forward to really drive it!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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