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This car trips me out man...I'm constantly getting smiles and laughs out of this thing for all sorts of different reasons lol. And my car definitely seems to have a mind of its own sometimes!

Just some things I've noticed and impressions after 11K miles. Some wacky stuff too. Previous car was an 14 accord V6 6mt making very similar numbers to the N but in a very different manner to say the least. So still having to adjust and learn and adapt my style to driving this car. Where the accord would call for 3rd, the N likes second. Trying to master the switch from progressive, linear power, to, give me a half second then hold on type of power! Obviously just trying to become familiar with how the two different powertrains performed.

The honda was a quick car, the 3.5 v6 vtec is really an incredible motor. But the N will walk away from it, even once the rev's built on the honda and it starts to breath. Handling? That's a joke. Granted I'm not sure what size tires my wife's IS200T F Sport is wearing, but the N far exceeds that car's capabilities. This car is so 'on' so to speak, in N or custom mode its always at 10/10ths. So its been an absolute hoot working this thing and trying to be civil at the same time! I'm definitely loving wringing it out at every on-ramp or tunnel I can find.

Speaking of tunnels, here in Atlanta there are several close to the downtown area, and since my work start time is way before anyone else's, I get to blast through these with the exhaust firing and cracking and waking up bridge dwellers. Once in downtown, the streets are empty, and for once in my life I'm glad at the number of stoplights that line my way to work! LoL The buildings reach far up on either side of the street, creating the perfect opportunity to send whoever's awake ducking for cover from the automatic gunfire coming out of my tailpipes. 😀 I know it's bad. I'm 50 years old, and this is what this car makes me do. Future buyers be warned. Seriously, this exhaust, even at low speeds, just sounds so damn good bouncing off of anything near.

So the fun factor...10 out of 10 for me.

The inside...if every review didn't bring up the hard plastics everywhere inside the cabin, I would hardly care or notice it while driving. But since they seem to beat that fact home, I notice it a little more than I normally would. But it becomes a mute point after I plant down in the seat. IMO, these seats are awesome. Far better than the accord seats. And at least for my frame, 5'9 190, I think they feel on par with the killer heated and cooled F sport seats in my wife's IS. The record function on my sirius channels is the greatest thing since the storage hard drive that was oem on the honda. Catching a song I like that's almost over and rewinding it...I'm getting so much joy out of that. Priceless!

The brakes...holy cow. Just very bad timing the other day, but I was forced to do a super hard stop with the wife in the car. Once the car hauled down, we looked at each other with mouths wide open and kinda in shock. It was the most composed and evenly distributed braking feel I've ever experienced. Never driven exotics tho. I would assume they're like that. I know my wife was blown away..

Weird stuff sometimes...I drove the 36 miles to work one morning with the top of my display reading hash marks instead of the date and time that's normally there. Only happened once. My car can't seem to figure out how it wants to handle its DRLs. Sometimes when I start the car, it fires up and no lights come on till I release the parking brake. Other times, I start the car and the lights come on immediately LoL. The rev matching can be weird. There are times when I downshift and the rev matching is off in its timing. It lags about a full second, as if the computer was thinking, and just didn't pull it off at the right time. This is pretty infrequent, occurring maybe once every 30-40 shifts or so. Hard to gauge. I'll bring it up when I eventually take it to Hyundai, along with the stiff 6th gear engagement.

I have zero regrets with this purchase. It was exactly what I needed at this life stage! I own and drive a toyota highlander and am trying to keep miles off the N, but it's been a very stiff challenge so far. I'm running a boomba racing catch can and have a couple small other parts to put on.
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