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10'' light bar purchase, any recommendation?

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What do you care most when you prepare to purchase a led light bar for veloster?
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What do you care most when you prepare to purchase a led light bar for veloster?
Maybe you should consider Lumens,Beam Pattern,IP Rating,Housing,Wattage and so on.I don’t want to be misunderstood by others, but I have to say that this light bar fits perfectly with my veloster.


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I get it on 4wdking Amazon Store: which offers a 2 years warranty.Anyway ,I do think Rigid and Baja are famous brand, however they are quite expensive,the usage lifespan is yet to be discussed. In the mean time some of my friend complain about the Rigid and Baja .So why don’t you buy a light bar which is better-performance, good-quality ,less expensive than Baja ?
You seem like to do promotion for 4wdking lightbar
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the 4wdking, just that I found their product to be one of the better deals online.
On my 4runner I was using ExtremeLED bars... A lot better than most of the stuff on amazon, quality is up there with rigid at half the price. Good stuff and they sell dual slimline bars that have spots and amber for fog. Great products
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the 4wdking, just that I found their product to be one of the better deals online.
Funny you showed up here for just this purpose though. No introduction, just to point out the specific light bar setup you're utilizing.:wink: Looks awful suspicious to most everyone.

You've registered in several Veloster forums under the same two usernames and posed only one question and it has to do with 10" light bars. So you're selling something. "What do you care most when you prepare to purchase a led light bar for veloster?" . Then carried on a conversation with yourself.

Same with terryhao; both as in terryhao/Bethdu need to peddle your crap elsewhere. You can go on your own or you can get reported to the Admin and banned. Ah crap, I'm going to report you anyway, you're the same individual. terryhao and Bethdu are the same person.

You do know it's illegal to have two user accounts, right?
So I geek out over lighting a little. Please bear with me.

What reason is there for a light bar on these cars? Is it because there is insufficient light output from the factory lights? Is it to act as a foglight setup? Driving light?

I appreciate how they can look cool and all, and if that's your thing, that's fine.
I just don't care for people thinking more light is better light, because often it isn't.

For example...
Clear night, in town, low beams when properly aimed and with good bulbs designed for the housings should be more than sufficient (IE Halogen Incandescent bulbs in a reflector housing, HID or LED bulbs in a proper projector designed for the bulb). They should throw a clear, focused beam with no scatter and have a clear, clean cut off to not blind oncoming traffic.

On that nice, clear night, adding fog lights into the mix will reduce your visible range due to the much brighter, closly focused fog lights putting a bright spot near the closest part of your outside view. Similar to having your interior lights turned up too brightly will reduce your overall visibility because they are up close and a distraction.

On a foggy night, the fog lights and the parking lights will shine out close, but not reflect back at you as much. Many states require your headlights to be on as well, but they too can in heavy fog reduce visibility due to heavy reflection. Adding your high beams in this will immediately flood you with light and can blind you.

Same with rain, snow, etc.

Installing a "drop in" HID or LED bulb in a reflector style housing is a horrible issue. Light will scatter because the bulb does not have the same characteristics as the halogen bulb the housing was designed for.

So... With that out of the way, throwing a LED bar on can be good or bad, depending on the light pattern the LED puts out. If it's not set with a good cut off, it can act as a flood light and distract your eyes from focusing down the road. You may have a GREAT view of what's 10 feet in front of your car, but not that deer that's 50 feet out.

So... I'll ask again, what's the purpose of these LED light bars?
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You're cool, it's the individual who started the thread and his alter ego, are the same users and is a chinese vendor.

There isn't a state in the union that will allow light bars inside the grill. The purpose is moot, considering the cost for the ticket. Proper light bars help to increase the distance you can see off road. However, most are not street legal and only permitted for off road use. Use them on the street and you're going to get a ticket. The lights the OP is displaying in the photo are illegal.

Most who utilize these, are attempting to fool drivers on highways to move out of the way. Get caught with them, you'll get a fix-it ticket, possibly a trip to the jail for; attempting to impersonate law enforcement or emergency vehicle and the car impounded. I don't care if your not using them either. The only way you can utilize something like this is; if you are a volunteer fireman and on a very limited basis.
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