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  1. Hyundai Veloster N Pictures and Videos
    Hey, just thought I would share some photos we took last night of the Veloster N and Kona N.
  2. Veloster N Parts And Accessories For Sale
    Original packaging. My Marketplace History: 1. Purchased Ghost's Catless Downpipe 2. Sold MidPipe 3. Sold SXTH High-Flow Downpipe
    $200 USD
  3. Hyundai Veloster N Issues, Problems And Complaints
    I bought the car 96 miles on it. And soon after I smelt coolant .. while driving just faintly. Check fluids seem ok . Hmmmm.. so I baby it for the first 600 Miles. Like it says . And even after that I have not taken it above 4000 rpms. I do drive in sport mode. But have not used track...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Heyo, I go by the name Vik and it is nice to e-meet you all. I just moved to the Bay Area and am living in Fremont, CA. I have been looking to buy a 2022 manual blue or black VN for about 2 months now but every dealer is marking it up for anywhere between $5k-$10k (which I think is insane!!)...
  5. 2019+ Veloster N General Discussion Forum
    Looking to see if anyone has do any HPDEs with their DCT. I’m a manual guy but trying to weigh the differences before I purchase. The DCT is of course faster but has anyone pushed it at the track? I’m coming from a daily driven but track prepped supercharged v6 5th gen camaro. No stranger to...
  6. 2019+ Veloster N General Discussion Forum
    Does anyone know where I can purchase the red NGS button from the new Elantra N in Canada?
  7. 2019+ Veloster N General Discussion Forum
    Hey everyone, New to the group and a new owner of a ‘22 VN Shooting Star DCT. Figured I would start a detailed thread on the Shooting Star Matte paint. 1) What is everyone’s care routine for the SS paint? 2) Has anyone gone ahead and done a stealth Paint Protection Film wrap on their SS VN...
  8. What Did You Do To Your Hyundai Veloster N Today?
    someone t-boned my N
  9. Intake And Exhaust
    Air intake for Veloster N - For better engine performance. Air intakes for Veloster N When we manufacture air intakes for the Veloster N, we place a premium on quality. High-quality materials used in production are one thing, but production technology is equally...
  10. 2019+ Veloster N General Discussion Forum
    Stock exhuast /w downpipe Manual
  11. Intake And Exhaust
    Carbon fiber install from Sxth Element, 1st major mod.
  12. IMG_ash.jpg

    Ash Veloster N 21
  13. IMG_Ash.jpg

    Ash Veloster N 21
  14. New Member Introductions
    I was just curious about what are the best mods outside of an intake. I’m looking for more HP without voiding my warranty?
  15. Exterior
    In Virginia, we are required to have a front plate. When I bought the car, it already had the front bumper drilled. I didn't really care about it. I recently was browsing JBR's website and they mentioned the mount opening up the bottom grille for more airflow into the IC and radiator. So I...
  16. Hyundai Veloster N Issues, Problems And Complaints
    Hey guys, So recently with all the snow in my area, I've been driving my Veloster N through a lot of wet conditions, and have noticed pretty bad delays, especially on highways, between when I hit the brake pedal and when my brakes actually start to grab and slow the car down. Initially, I...
  17. 2019+ Veloster N General Discussion Forum
    Hi guys. What would be the best way to find out what aftermarket mods I can do to my 2020 veloster n while it’s under warranty other than obviously cosmetics like mirror covers, and the shift knob(etc.) . Thank you.
1-20 of 24 Results