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  1. Turbo And Tuning
    I'm making this post to get feedback from people who have purchased and used the ek-1 lite. If anyone wants to take a moment to discuss their experience with it I would appreciate it. I'm planning on purchasing one, but have been waiting for first-hand reviews just in case.
  2. Turbo And Tuning
    I'm looking to get my VN tuned and am wondering if anyone knows of any tuners in Indiana. (Near Indianapolis)
  3. Turbo And Tuning
    Just installed the catless version of this downpipe, now is running lean or backpressure going to be an issue without a tune? Im not really sure how the tuning works with a JB4 or AFE, like is it just plug and play or do you need someone to make a custom tune according the the exhaust you have...
  4. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Can running a Catless downpipe without tune on the VN cause issues with the motor? i know Subarus with bad tunes especially in winter time can cause the engine to run extremely lean, cause boost creep and ruin the motor. Is that something I should be worrying about? currently afe intake, turbo...
  5. Turbo And Tuning
    Hey guys I have installed a Jb4 with the plugs and am running 94 octane continuously. ihave An aem intake & turbo inlet. I’ve been running map 2 which is amazing, but I want to run a map 6 where I can get the boost all the way to 6k rpm & then taper off. I’ve been hearing about a bunch of...
  6. 2019+ Veloster N General Discussion Forum
    Just curious what you all would do to your N if you had 1500 bucks to spend? Is there anything you did to your car and later you realized or wished you had done something else? FIRE AWAY! CANT WAIT TO HEAR YALLS ANSWERS! -JE
  7. Turbo And Tuning
    I’m looking into piggyback tunes for my car still. The AFE Scorcher is quite a bit cheaper than the JB4 or REV6 and I was wondering if anyone knew why. I’d really appreciate an in depth of how it works and an overall rating of the product.
  8. Turbo And Tuning
    The previous week I wanted to focus solely on the comfort settings using the RIDE button for the Front and Rear on the Mando unit. For me - the way to understand the car and what it does and how it is setup is to take it to extremes. I started by taking the RIDE Front to 50 and the Ride Rear...
  9. Turbo And Tuning
    Ive been tempted to get the turbo upgrade from sxth element but it seems nearly impossible to remove the turbo from this car without dropping the whole engine and transmission...does anyone have any luck with this???
  10. Turbo And Tuning
    So does anyone know where I could get a tune from, I’m planning on purchasing the jb4 and want to get a tune since I’m going to have pretty much full bolt-ons. And also I know there is another thread discussing this but I’d like to see some new responses being that that thread is about 2months...
1-10 of 10 Results