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  1. Another noise post (rear of the car)

    Hyundai Veloster N Issues, Problems And Complaints
    As the title suggests, I get some noise coming from the rear of the car when first moving the car after letting it sit for several hours. A few clunking noise but mostly disappears after moving the car for several minutes. Usually more prominent when reverse, but not by much. Aftermarket stuff...
  2. Eibach PRO Kit Creaking/Clunking

    Brakes And Suspension
    Hey all, I've got a set of the Eibach PRO Kit lowering springs (E10-42-047-05-22) installed on my '20 VN, and I've recently developed some issues with a pretty harsh creaking noise coming from all corners of the car. It's hard to notice on the highway, but as soon as you're in the city, it's...