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  1. Veloster N Parts And Accessories For Sale
    Hey all, Just picked up my '22 N last week and swapped the wheels off immediately for a separate winter combo. They have 12 miles on them and are in pristine condition! All four tires have a manufacture stamp of "1921", meaning the 19th week of 2021 (5/10/21-5/16/21). They're being stored in...
    $800 USD
  2. Veloster N Parts And Accessories For Sale
    19in Power Pack wheels for sale. They have the stock tires with only ~2000 miles on them. No curb rash. Local pickup only Denver area. $700
  3. Veloster N Parts And Accessories For Sale
    Selling my P-Zero tires (235/35R19). I live in Maryland. Make a reasonable offer. I'd be willing to meet half way if someone is close. I imagine shipping would be ridiculous. Tires have 2,600 easy miles. I have pictures if you're interested. Thanks and be safe! Stephen
  4. Wheels And Tires
    I recently noticed that one of my tires got a slight tear in the sidewall at some point but I didn't notice because it wasn't losing pressure. It's a clean cut about 2" long and maybe 1/2" deep, doesn't look like the tear went to the cords. I don't know if cut it to close to a curb or what...
1-4 of 4 Results