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  1. New chalk White Veloster N PP

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    Just got my car two days ago and I’m loving it! I already did a minor mod plasti dipping theHyundai emblems. I also ordered the AFEclosed boxed Air intake as well as the big mouth ram air intake! I can’t wait to post my mods on this forum! Oh also getting the front plateRelocator and the rear...
  2. New Owner N PP

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    Got my N in October of last year. Loving the car. Took it to the track recently and funny thing is there were a lot of TypeR's at the track that day, so I got to find out how the N stacked up against the TypeR for myself. I was happy with the results. Looking forward to learning from you all...
  3. New 2020 veloster N PP 4K miles in 2 weeks

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    New to the page, and absolutely love this car! Took a quarantine road trip for a week and slept in the back with the seats folded down and saw a new state every day. Got to ride tail of the dragon and that was amazing and got a bunch of great pics of the car. Here are some!