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  1. Veloster N Parts And Accessories For Sale
    Possible trade for BOV
    $155 USD
  2. For Sale Parts for Sale

    Veloster N Parts And Accessories For Sale
    I have some parts for sale. Open to reasonable offers. DM for any questions and offers. All prices are in CAD. Free shipping in Canada. Scorpion Catless Downpipe & Flexpipe (Includes O2 j-bend, ARP studs, and gaskets) - $600 (new) Whiteline Lowering Springs - $200 (new) Whiteline Ball joints -...
    $1,234 CAD
  3. Veloster N Parts And Accessories For Sale
    Forge intake and inlet in performance blue colour (I'll update with pics when I have time). I'll pay half the shipping.
    $700 CAD
  4. Intake And Exhaust
    Hey, everyone! First post here but a long time user of this forum, figured I'd go ahead and join in with the fun lol. I bought my 2022 6MT VN earlier this year in March and it has been an absolute blast! I have a very short work commute which is nice, but there's nothing better than taking her...
  5. Veloster N Parts And Accessories For Sale
    I am selling my Hyundai N Performance Intake imported from Korea. It comes with 2 filters and 2 filter adapters. It's a pain in the ass installing the filter so I am sick of it. I wanted to clean the filter after 1 year and am having a hard time putting it back in so I gave up. Note: From what...
    $450 USD
  6. Veloster N Parts And Accessories For Sale
    Takeda Stage-2 Cold Air Intake System w/Pro DRY S Filter. Sold by vendor at $392.44. Product is still in box and never opened. Bought it soon after I got my VN in 2020 but never installed it.
    $250 USD
  7. Veloster N Parts And Accessories For Sale
    Sold my N :( Located in Illinois, willing to ship. Email me if interested: [email protected] Or shoot me a message. ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, just please no lowballs, (no I won't do 50% of the asking price :) ) AEM Intake: $250 Floormats: $50 Tow hook license plate holder: $25 OEM Licence...
    $50 USD
  8. Member Builds
    Hey all, made an introduction post last week but decided I'd like to keep a nice timeline of the modifications and dates of changes to the car so figured it's own build thread would be a good idea. I'll hopefully be updating this post regularly as it goes through various iterations. Would love...
  9. Intake And Exhaust
    Hey guys, I know all open box intakes will make the turbo noise. However, I would love to know which CAI specifically makes the best induction and turbo sound. The only mods I am planning to do is an open box CAI, velossa intake snorkel if that would do anything at all to get more colder air...
  10. Intake And Exhaust
    Hey guys I have a 22 PP MT and was wondering if the lit kit snorkel intake properly fits. Last thing I want is to have to cut oem parts.
  11. Intake And Exhaust
    Very happy with how it turned out! The matching filter is a plus for me :)
  12. Intake And Exhaust
    Just a warning to anyone looking for an intake on their Dct N, I just bought the K and N typhoon intake and the heat shield doesn't fit at all, the transmission comes up too high for it to bolt in. Anyone have a Dct they managed to get an intake with a shield in yet? I was hoping for an open...
  13. Intake And Exhaust
    I recently bought the Veloster N DCT and would like to know how to make my exhaust have louder pops and bangs (like the manual.) Downpipe? Or total exhaust swap?
  14. Intake And Exhaust
    I am looking to put in a cold air intake in my N, but I will probably not go through the trouble of getting it tuned. I am looking just to get a little more noise out of the engine and just improve airflow in general. Has anyone tried the Injen Cold Air intake or have any recommendations?
  15. Intake And Exhaust
    Ok! Huge update! Last Friday, I installed the Takeda Intake to replace my AEM intake and while I miss the sounds, my IAT's have dropped by 20 degrees (With snorkel). At the same time I installed the AFE Power Street Downpipe, and before I get into it, let me say, what an awesome product. Sound...
  16. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hey all!!! About a month ago I purchased of a 2020 Veloster N And of course started tearing it apart. I’ve come to the realization that perhaps I’m modding to a point of losing the programmed tuning. But I may be an idiot. I installed the AEM intake, then the Boomba racing BOV. Car sounded...
  17. Intake And Exhaust
    Hey guys, I bought the KDM N Performance Intake from the N performance parts line that Hyundai launched in Korea. I'm not sure when I will receive it, however I am writing this post to see if anyone is curious to find out anything about it. If anyone has any questions about it, I will more then...
1-18 of 18 Results