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  1. 2019+ Veloster N General Discussion Forum
    Looking to see if anyone has do any HPDEs with their DCT. I’m a manual guy but trying to weigh the differences before I purchase. The DCT is of course faster but has anyone pushed it at the track? I’m coming from a daily driven but track prepped supercharged v6 5th gen camaro. No stranger to...
  2. 2019+ Veloster N General Discussion Forum
    Hello everyone been lurking here recently and decided to join. I have an opportunity to pick up an N 27,400 if manual and about 30,000 if DCT. Plus tax and title of course, this seems like a good deal yeah? I find it hard to pass up! My previous car was a 5th gen camaro v6 supercharged and...
  3. Brakes And Suspension
    Hello there, So I am a competitive autocrosser and track day enthusiast. I am currently running dual camber bolts as my form of alignment. I am looking to upgrade to a camber plate as I am retaining my stock suspension. I know of whiteline and forge that make camber plates for the N and was...
  4. Veloster N Parts And Accessories For Sale
    I am interested in buying some (hopefully cheaper) used wheels with an offset between +48-55mm. I want something to mount some dedicated wet weather AutoX tires on but it rains seldom enough I don't want to spend very much on them. I am interested in wheels with or without tires and am located...
  5. Motorsports Discussion
    What camera mounting solutions have people come up with for AutoX? I’d like to have it behind my right shoulder looking out the windshield, but I can’t figure out a mounting solution with the ‘21/‘22 bucket seats.
  6. Wheels And Tires
    I have been autocrossing on the OEM Pirellis up until now and this last weekend they quite literally started to fall apart on me. I have full tread blocks that ripped/blistered off on 3/4 tires and the 4th tire has a big (but not deep) gash in the tread that is slowly widening. I have 18" wheels...
  7. Motorsports Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am trying to start a thread where we can document what wheels and tires people are finding success running at autocross events. I am going to steal the format used from a subreddit for how to post this and attempt to keep things organized. Let me know if there is any other...
1-7 of 7 Results